As people so often hear from attorneys, the answer depends on a lot of different factors. These factors include: the reason for losing your license in the first place; whether your license was restricted, suspended, or revoked; how long you have been without a license; and many other considerations. Generally speaking, a restriction or suspension of your driving privileges will have a definite date of reinstatement. In these cases, as long as you pay any fees required by the Secretary of State, your license will be reinstated at the end of the defined period. For more serious cases, in which a person’s license has been revoked, there are steps that need to be taken in order to request a restoration of driving privileges. In cases of revocation, a request for reinstatement of a license will be allowed only after a certain period of time following the date that the license was revoked. The request will be heard at a Reexamination Hearing by a hearing officer for the Secretary of State. The hearing officer may require proof of sobriety, a substance abuse evaluation, medical evaluation, a written or road test, or other proofs that deal with the underlying issue that caused the license to be revoked. This process requires a proper and accurate application and has many pitfall that require professional assistance. DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN! I am here to help.

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