My son was arrested for drunk driving. I think he should hire an attorney, but he told me he just wants to go to court and take responsibility for his actions. Am I sending him the wrong message by encouraging him to hire an attorney?


No. You are not sending your son the wrong message. He needs the assistance of an attorney. The charge of operating while intoxicated carries with it stiff fines and costs, potential jail time, a suspended license, and driver responsibility fees. Your son needs an attorney to advise him of all of these potential consequences, and to assist him in negotiating the best deal for him. Your son can still take responsibility for his actions while at the same time working to get the deal that is going to be best for him, and his unique situation. No matter what crime you may be charged with, you need the assistance of an attorney to advise you on all the potential repercussions you may be facing. A criminal conviction will impact the rest of your life. You need all the information, before you can make such an important decision. If you are charged with a crime, call me today. I am here, and I can help.

Paige Favio is with the law firm of Matecun, Thomas & Olson, PLC in Howell. She answers readers’ questions on legal matters affecting individuals, their families and their businesses. Email questions to [email protected], or if your question is urgent, call (517) 548-7400. The information in this column is not intended as legal advice.

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