One of the toughest decisions you have to make when
contemplating a divorce is which lawyer you should hire. You are
trusting a stranger with some of the most important decisions you
will ever make. Selecting the right divorce lawyer means finding
a lawyer who is competent and that you trust. Here are some
questions that you should ask:

    • Are you willing to discuss alternatives to divorce?
    • Have you previously handled the issues involved in my case?
    • Do you want what I want, or do you have your own agenda?
    • Do you get along with the Judges and other Court staff?
    • Do you have experts that you regularly work with?
    • Will you personally handle my case?

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Michael Olson is a partner with the law firm of Matecun, Thomas & Olson, PLC in Howell. He answers readers’ questions on legal matters affecting individuals, their families and their businesses. Email questions to [email protected], or if your question is urgent, call (517) 548-7400. The information in this column is not intended as legal advice.

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