Civil litigation is defined as a legal dispute between two or more parties that seeks money damages rather than criminal sanctions. For plaintiffs, the objective is to honor an agreement, right a wrong, or obtain compensation for an injury. The goal for defendants in civil litigation matters is to protect their assets and rights against the plaintiff’s claim.

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, it is crucial to work with a qualified civil litigation attorney to achieve a successful outcome in your case. At Matecun, Thomas & Olson, PLC, we are committed to the vigorous, thorough and successful representation of our clients in all forms of civil litigation. We have represented individuals, families and business owners before administrative agencies, in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, in jury and court trials at the state and federal level, and in proceedings before appellate courts. We handle a wide range of civil litigation matters, including:

We will work closely with you to evaluate your potential claims or defense against claims, explain the steps and procedures involved, respond quickly to your questions and keep you abreast of developments in your case. In most disputes, we first negotiate with the opposing party to obtain a satisfactory settlement. However, when a dispute cannot be settled satisfactorily, we have the experience and mastery of the law to aggressively litigate your case in court. In doing so, we often work with experts in relevant fields, including private investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts, medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists and more.

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