Your child’s other parent may want to move for any number of reasons: a better paying job, a safer neighborhood, to be closer to family and friends, and more. However, the move could make it more difficult, if not impossible, for you to have adequate parenting time. If your child’s other parent has asked a judge for permission to relocate, and you oppose the judge’s decision, what can you do about it?

In some situations, the other parent doesn’t need permission to move. This is the case if he or she has sole legal custody and is relocating within Michigan; the move is within Michigan and less than 100 miles away from where your divorce was initiated; or, of course, if you agree to the move.

In most other situations, you have the opportunity to oppose the move. In determining whether to permit the move, the judge will consider issues such as:

  • Whether the move will improve the child’s, and the other parent’s, quality of life
  • Whether the other parent is making the move to intentionally limit your parenting time
  • The move will still allow you and your child to have a relationship similar to the one you have now
  • Whether you are opposing the move simply to pay less in child support
  • Whether the other parent is relocating to escape a situation that involves domestic violence
  • The best interests of the child

Given the number of variables involved in the judge’s decision to grant permission for change of domicile, you need experienced legal counsel to protect your interests and those of your child. Whether you are opposing a change of domicile or pursuing one, we have the experience and mastery of the law to make the most compelling possible case on your behalf. Contact our Livingston County Office or our Macomb County Office to discuss your particular case.