Many families think that probate is just a formality, an “automatic” process that simply resolves all issues equitably according to the Michigan statutes. Unfortunately, disputes involving the distribution of assets through probate occur much more frequently than you might think. Probate disputes arise for a number of reasons, including outside parties trying to grab a part of the family estate for themselves or family members disagreeing about “who is supposed to get what.” Challenges to wills and trusts are not uncommon, and in cases where there was no will, the potential for probate disputes is even greater. These disputes can prove costly and lead to devastating financial consequences for some family members. They can also result in hard feelings between family members that last a lifetime.

At Matecun, Thomas & Olsen, PLC, we help families embroiled in disputes involving probate, asset distribution, will contests, and many more. We strive to work with families and/or creditors to resolve conflicts through mediation. However, we understand that this is not always possible and have extensive experience litigating matters involving the distribution and protection of assets. Contact us today to discuss your particular situation.