I recently had some improvements done on my house. One of the workers filed a construction lien against the property about two years ago. It has not been discharged and there have been no lawsuits filed. I may sell my house soon. How can I get rid of the lien?

A person who properly files a construction lien must file a court proceeding, often a foreclosure, to collect on the lien within one year from the date the lien was recorded. If this does not happen, the lien automatically expires. If the lien continues to interfere with the sale, the person filing it can be… Read More »

My daughter was hurt in a car accident when she was 10 years old. She is now 14 and needs surgery. Her doctor thinks that she needs the surgery due to the car accident. Is it too late to sue the other driver? The accident was the other driver’s fault, if that matters.

No, it is not too late. Generally, the rule is that the statute of limitations for an automobile accident is three years. However, there is an exception to this rule for minors. A person under the age of 18 has one year from his or her 18th birthday to bring a lawsuit even if the… Read More »

My Ex is trying to register the kids for summer camp and at a time that will interfere with my summer parenting time. This is a problem every year. Can I file my own motion to deal with this or do I need to have a lawyer?

Issues like this come up a lot, particularly at this time of year when summer plans are being made. Certainly you can file a Motion on your own but often it takes a long time for Motions to get through the system, particularly when you don’t have a good handle on how these things are… Read More »