I filed a Motion regarding Child Support. Why is the Friend of the Court handling this and not the Judge?

Answer:  I get asked often about the process for hearing Motions in Livingston County. When someone files a Motion that has to do with Custody, Parenting Time or Support, the Judge assigns the case to be heard by a FOC Referee. The Referee first conducts a Screening Hearing. At the Screening Hearing the Referee attempts… Read More »

My brother was my father’s primary caregiver for more than five years. He lived with our father in our childhood home until Dad passed away and still lives there now, by himself. I have three other siblings who have been talking about selling Dad’s home and dividing the proceeds equally among the children. Does my brother, who cared for my dad and lives in the home, have any rights to stay in the house, or will he be subject to the majority desire of our siblings?

What can he do to avoid being “kicked to the curb”? It depends on how the house is owned. Sometimes parents will add a child’s name to the house by quit claim deed (not recommended for lots of reasons). If your brother’s name was added to the house, he owns it and has the right… Read More »

I have three teenage daughters. My 14-year old has a disability and she receives government benefits. I have heard about something called a “special needs trust” and was wondering if you can explain how it works.

This is a really important question and it’s good that you are asking about it early.  Good planning can make a huge difference in your daughter’s life, as well as helping your other children who may be left with the responsibility for caregiving (on top of their own careers and caring for their own families)…. Read More »

My Ex is trying to register the kids for summer camp and at a time that will interfere with my summer parenting time. This is a problem every year. Can I file my own motion to deal with this or do I need to have a lawyer?

Issues like this come up a lot, particularly at this time of year when summer plans are being made. Certainly you can file a Motion on your own but often it takes a long time for Motions to get through the system, particularly when you don’t have a good handle on how these things are… Read More »