One of our neighbors has filed a lawsuit to get title to portions of a road we use to access our property and that EMS vehicles use to provide emergency life saving services. The neighbor claims he has been in possession of the land in question for more than 15 years. What can I do?

First you must respond to the lawsuit or the neighbor can get a Default Judgment against you and anyone else who does not file a response. I recommend you and your other neighborhood friends all get together and hire one lawyer to represent all of you; it’s much less expensive that way. What the one neighbor is doing… Read More »

Is Filing for Divorce considered a Breach of Contract?

No, but this is a very interesting question. At its most basic level, marriage is a binding contractual relationship between a man and a woman. All of the elements of a valid contract exist, those being Offer (“Will you marry me?”), Acceptance (“YES!!”), and Mutual Consideration (merging of assets and debts etc.). Marriage is regulated… Read More »