Will I have to pay Alimony? I have a fairly short term marriage (3 years), no kids but I make a lot more than my wife. I am not sure how to plan.

There are a number of different factors used to determine whether alimony (referred to as spousal support) should be considered. Length of marriage, difference in income, education of parties, special needs of the parties, earning potential and history, fault and other factors are all considered. You will need to provide more information to determine the… Read More »

What is included in Child Support?

Question: I pay about $3,000 in child support each month and my oldest just started college. I pay $1,000 per month to the school toward tuition and room and board. Can I deduct this payment from the child support and pay only $2000? Answer: In Michigan the answer is no in most cases. Because the… Read More »

I recently had some improvements done on my house. One of the workers filed a construction lien against the property about two years ago. It has not been discharged and there have been no lawsuits filed. I may sell my house soon. How can I get rid of the lien?

A person who properly files a construction lien must file a court proceeding, often a foreclosure, to collect on the lien within one year from the date the lien was recorded. If this does not happen, the lien automatically expires. If the lien continues to interfere with the sale, the person filing it can be… Read More »

Can I use Medical Marijuana While on Probation?

Question: Last year I was sentenced on the crime of drunk driving. The Judge put me on probation, and as part of my probation she ordered me not to use any illegal drugs. I just recently obtained my medical marijuana card. Although I am still on probation I can smoke medical marijuana now that I… Read More »