I have lots of photographs and other information stored in my email, Facebook and other social media sites. What happens to that information when I die?

Great question. Until recently, you couldn’t access a social media account without a login and password for each account. That is changing, and many of the social media sites have their own rules about accessing your account if you are incapacitated or after you die. But the rules are inconsistent. To remedy this issue, the… Read More »

My parents own their home and want to stay there, but they haven’t saved much money and are having a hard time paying their bills. Is a reverse mortgage a good option?

Under the right circumstances a reverse mortgage can be a good financial tool to provide another source of income for folks over 62. Reverse mortgages are paid as a lump sum of cash, through regular payments, or a combination of both. How your parents receive the money and how they spend it is totally up… Read More »

Should My Child Support Change?

Circumstances in every family change over time and often those changes affect child support. The Child Support you pay or receive can be affected by changes in income, overnights, daycare costs or health insurance costs. At Matecun, Thomas & Olson we offer a free Child Support Review to determine whether the child support you are… Read More »