I am a disabled veteran and own a house in Michigan. I heard that I may not have to pay property taxes. I am strapped for cash and appreciate any assistance I can get. Is this true

Yes. Under a recently passed Michigan law, a disabled veteran who was honorably discharged may be exempt from paying property taxes on his or her real estate. As I am sure you can imagine, this could be a significant amount of money. Furthermore, if the disabled veteran dies, the exemption may continue for his or… Read More »

I was hurt in an auto accident about a year ago. My auto insurance company paid some of my medical bills but did not pay others, saying that they were not related to the accident. I know that all of the bills were related to the auto accident. What should I do?

You should contact an attorney immediately as you will probably need to file a lawsuit as soon as possible to protect your rights. Under the no-fault act, there is a one year statute of limitation, and, more importantly in your case, something known as the one year back rule. If you notified your insurance company… Read More »